The Defenders of Truth

To all my Urdu speaking friends:

I would like to invite you a 24 hour Free Sunni Interactive Voice Service on Internet. Each week I have been inviting you all to the Al Kawthar Academy room on Paltalk in to order to take advantage of the Bukhari lessons and other talks by our respected Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq. Today I invite you to The Defenders of Truth website and their Paltalk room.

So what is it? They say the following:

  • Our mission is to serve Islam and Muslims. We spread the message of (Qur’an, Hadith, and Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) sallallahu àlyhi wasallam)
  • You can help us promote this great cause by visiting our room “The Defenders of Truth” on Paltalk. The instructions on how to get to our room are given on our website: Click on Help, and then click login.
  • By visiting us you promote a great cause in Islamic education. We pray: “May Allâh accept your stay and sincerity” (âmeen).

Why should you join our room?

We have muftis and Ullema’ that come to this room on a daily schedule. They give LIVE lectures, tafseer, and answer people’s questions LIVE!!!

We have LIVE programs, such as Conferences, Tafseer programs, Husn-e-Qirat programs, and Bayan sessions, broadcasted in this room from around the world and round the clock. We also have a LIVE Tajweed program held in the room daily to help us learn to read Qur’an correctly.

We also have a few live Naat, Nazam, and Hamd sessions.

We also have recorded lectures of many scholars that are played in the room.

All of this is absolutely FREE and is administered by 40 volunteers worldwide. We are open ALMOST 24 hours, every day.

For full details, go to the website, the program schedule is posted there. To set up the room lease visit

This is a great effort Inshallah and those brothers and sisters who are able to speak Urdu (unlike me) will benefit greatly Inshallah.


P.S  Please leave you comments in English

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  • IQRA

    Asslam alykum.

    Great to see you take interest in the room, the Defenders of Truth. When you come there, please do not hesitate to exchange salaams with me. I welcome you to our site. The Defenders of Truth is certainly the big reason why I am on Internet. It’s no non-sense chat room. All Islam. All the time. We do not take a break. Join us on the paltalk platform. If we are doing the right thing, pray for us as well. Our resources are limited but the support from Haq Ta’aala is unlimited, so that’s what we count on. Its the most friendly place I find and would like to share that with you. Thanks also to Hamza Issa, who does not even know Urdu, but has no hesitation in recommending you to join us. Imagine what he would do if he knew Urdu!!!

    Wass salaam

  • True Life

    Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

    I can only agree with both brothers above. I’m new to the room myself and have joined when I saw their notice on the website about Live Broadcasting a Jalsah from Karachi. After experiencing a great weekend in the Voice of Truth room, I’m seriously wondering why I haven’t joined before. Now I’m always staying in the room when my computer is on – when I’m busy I just put it on mute and turn the voice on later again. What is really special as well, really anyone can contribute. When the mic is free, you can grab it and play some Qur’an recitation, Hamd-o-Naat or speech… or if you own a microphone you can speak to all listeners live and maybe start some intellectual discussions.

    As well many internet efforts can’t be taken serious, but this effort gets even supported and is known by ‘Ulama of the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama’ah Hanafi Deoband all over the world.

    So, come, join and spread the Truth! Jazak’Allah (SWT) khair!

    Was Salam

  • ford_farrukh

    Allah (SWT) bless US all and all the admins running the room Defenders of Truth .It is wonderful room and worth to stay becuz it is one biggest place to get more closer and closer to ISLAM and with every thing which make our faith more strong also help to make us truthful Muslim .
    Honestly whenever i join the room i always learn alot of things and i am very thankful and grateful to all gr8 admins and all the brothers joining the room and doing something very good indeed .
    Allah (SWT) hafiz

  • very simple life

    assalam wa alikum wa rahmatULLAH e wa barakatuh

    alhamd o liLLAH e rab e alamain. was salaat o was salaam ala saeed ul ambia.

    THE DEFENDERS OF TRUTH is a great room specially for those who are living in non muslim countries.all the admis and the pioneers of this room deserves to be congragulated. they are doing a great job. Allah (SWT) tamam hazrat ko jaza e khair ata farmaien.(aameen)

    Allah (SWT) hafiz

  • piyara islam

    Assalam-o-aleekum wr wb,
    I dont wanna say too much about this room b/c i come here almost every day and stay almost whole day so u can imagine how much i like this room .I have learnt more then ever at home b/c of this room ,I really appreciate your efforts .
    Allah (SWT) aap ko iss ka ajar day.


  • ALLAH-hum-Maghfirlee

    AlhamduLILLAH once again a GREAT broadcast of a GREAT LIVE program.

    JazakALLAH Khair to all the Dot Admins and Shura

  • radiant_muslim

    good room may Allah (SWT) reward all those who help to run this has changed my life for the better tajweed has improved drastically masha Allah (SWT).


    Allhumdolliah, and Its not 1st time.


    Aslaam o Alykum wr wbkt..THE DEFENDERS OF TRUTH paltalk per mera fav room hay jisay join ker kay mujhy jhoot aur such ko parakhnay ka moqa mila aur main really Allah (SWT) Ta,alla ka shukerguzar hon k uss nay mujhy sahi plate form muhiya kiya aur apny deen ko samjhny main meri madad fermai Allah (SWT) ta.alla DOT ki poori team ko jazaiy khair atta fermaiy Aameen

  • new_ayisha

    Aslaam-o-Aslaam wa raHmatullaahi wa barakaatuh may Allah (SWT) bless all the brothers and sister that put so much time in to the room and for always being their for us , and a specail thanks to brother I-Q-R-A for all he has help me with in my life i love them all for the sake of Allah (SWT) .


    MashaAllah Tamam Khuwateen o HAzrat say guzarish hai , URDU main bhee lkehaain comments , u all r welcome, English kee tension naa lain.

  • IQRA

    Abu bakr bhai kay hukm per Urdu main bhee likha jaata hai keh Urdu meree mahboob zubaan hai, lykinn baree mazloom hai. Na kaheen jahaan main panaah milee, joa amaan milee toa kahaan milee? The Defenders of Truth main. Haq Ta’alaa Abu Bakr Umar Usman Ali bhai kee zindagee main berkat ataa firmaayai.

    Haq Ta’laa kee madad per bharoassah hai, aur yehee aassra hai. Yeh dinn raat mihnat ka kamrah hai. Allah (SWT) keray Iss kamray kee maqbooliyat main dinn raat izaafah hoata rahay.


  • aliraan

    Assalamu Alaikum WaRahamtullahi WaBarakatahu

    main to yehi kahna chanta hon kay jab main pahli dafa iss room main aya, to iss room main assa dil lag gia hay kay kisi dosray room main jata hi nahi, agar chala bi jaon to dil hi nahi lagta. Bus mujay to Paltalk par “The Defenders of Truth” room hi nazar ata hay. is room main har wo cheez hay jo aik musliman khayish kar sakta hay.

    This room has really changed me. If any one want to change his life truely according to Islamic teachings, I recommend this room i.e. The Defenders of Truth

    Akhir main meri yehi dua hay kay Allah (SWT) hum sab ko Quran o Sunnat ki roshni main zindagi guzarnay ki tofeeq ata farma day.. Aameen

    I request the reader to plz join this room when ever you come online. Jazakum Allah (SWT) Khaira

  • http://march29,2007at1:19pm Deen_e_islam_2

    Assalamu Alaikum WaRahamtullahi WaBarakatahu


  • http://bgshj=nbjdk,bvs.ueyk munawarfatimah

    assalam o alekum ;defer of truth nam ke is romm ke bare main kuch kehne ke liye her shakhs ki ahliyet nahi he . itna zaroor kaha ga sakta he keh is main shamil tamam afrad ki koshish qabil-e-sataish he . is main khas tor per shiya hazrat ko go dalail ke sath gawab diye gate hain ummeed he keh koi na koi rah-e-rast per zaroor aae ga INSHAALLAH .hazrat mufti mahmood ahmad ki class ya dars go bhi keh lain intahai maloomati sabit hoa he is ke ilawa baqi hazrat ki kawish bhi nazar ati he magar zaban tareef karne se qasir he . Allah (SWT) un tamaam hazrat ko ajar-e-azeem de gin ki mali or ilmi khidmat is room ko banae hoe hain…is duniya or akhrat main apni rehmaton se nawaze ameen !hum ko or buhatoon ko is se istafada hasil karne ki tofiq de ameen…. , munawar fatimah

  • mahad-ul-khalil

    asalamoalaikum wr wb
    mashaq_j_j l ye bouhat acha ho raha hai khas tour per un hazraat k liay jo bahar mumalik main rehtay hain or un ko deen skhnay k ziada mawaqay mayaser nahin hain or madares k fuzala k liay bhi acha madan e amal hai un ko bhi is taraf aana chaiye mujhay is se bohat si maloomat hasil huvi hain khas tour per batil firqoon k baray main .q_j_j| s w t amal ki tofeeq ata farmain (Aameen) or DOT ko tamam shuroor se mahfooz farmain(Aameem) duaoon ki darkhuast (F)

  • raza_2100

    Assalam-o-Alaikum Wa’Rehmatullah-e-Wa’Barakatuhu ( ?????? ????? ????????? ??????? )

    iss net ki dunya main iss sae behter room main nae nahin daekha . or buhat ba’barkat room hae jis ka andaza iss baat sae lagaya ja sakta hae kae iss room main akser saathi ek doosre ko jante bhi nahin hain magar ek doosre sae ghaibana muhbbat karte hain je Allah (SWT) kae qool ka munh boolta suboot hae ke jis ka mafhoom hae ” HUM NAE TUMHARE DILON MAIN EK DOSRE KAE LEYE MUHABBAT DALTI HAE ” .
    Allah (SWT) ki khusnoodi kae leye kaam keya ja raha hae Allah (SWT) qubool farmain … Aameen

    Allah (SWT) Hazrat I-Q-R-A Bhai ( iss room kae maere murshid ), Hazrat TALIB E ELM Bhai , hazrat naat wala bhai or doorsre tamam bhai behnon ko dunya-o-aakhirat main khush rakkhain sab ki tamam pareshaneyon ko khatam farmain or sab per aasaneyan paeda farmain or rizq main barkat atafarmain … Aameen Ya RAB E KAREEM

    or khaas ker ABUBAKR UMER USMAN ALI Bhai ko dunya-o-aakhirat main hum sab ki sooch sae kahin barh ker in ko iss behtreen kameyab koshish ka ajar-e-azeem ata farmain or in ki maghfirat farma ker in sae razi ho jain … Aameen
    Jazak Allah (SWT)
    Aap sab satheyon ki khaas duaon ka talabgaar

  • Student …

    Thanks for the best place anywhere. The Defenders of Truth is it.

    May Allah (SWT) bless you all. This is where we can spend a whole day and not know about it.

  • karach-wala

    assalam o alaikum brother iqra aap ke room main aakar dill bohot khoosh hota hai .jaisa ke aap ko mahloom hai mera maslak defrent hai phir be main ataa hoon. aap ke room main aakar cooch sikhne ko milta hai. ulmai deen ke speech khas kar shia qadyani munkar e hadees par..ALLAH aap ko is ka ajar e khair dega AMEEEEEENNNNNN…

  • http://hfhjnoil; Perveen Ali Noor

    assalam o alekum wr wbrkth;
    is room ke bare main ek dua he keh “TEREE ZINDAGI KI SUBHA KABHI SHAM TAK NA POHCHE,,is room ke tamam khidmat guzaron ko Allah (SWT) taala behtreen ajar se nawaze,, khas tor per is room ko jis shakhsiyyat ne blue kerwaya he…(i have no word to say thanks)un ko ajar e be hisaab ata room main deen ki taleem or aqaid ki behtreen islah ka intezaam main aane ke baad hum yahan se kuch liye bagher nahi jaate,TALEEM E DEEN &ISLAHE AQEEDA.(Allahis room ko or taraqee ata fermain..aameen)

  • Forgive Us ALLAH (aameen)

    ASSALAMUALAIKUM WARAHMATULLAHI WABARAKATUH Hope u all ‘ll be best of health and iman.The defenders of truth is a very good room for everyone who use internet.The room is under the Middle East Category, and subcategory Islam.One can join it any time,it is there 24 hours a day.It is a reliable room,welknown scholars come to this room and give knowledge about islam and live broadcasts also.And more about this room ,u know when u join.So join it.
    I love this room hope u ‘lltoo. buena suerte,bonne chance,hizan saeedan=good luck all defenders of truth team.(smile)jis ko samajh aai Allah (SWT) subhanahu wa ta’ala aap sab ka haami o nasir ho (aameen)

  • DOT – HERO

    Assalam-O-Alaykum Wa’rahmatullahi Wa’barkatuhu!’

    muhtaram mukarram muazzam munawwar muattar sathion or haq key mutalashion kehney ku kia kahoon likhney ku kia likhoon

    qalam bhi saheeh nahin zuban bhi saheeh nahin

    saheeh ka kia matlab key sacchai key muhafizon ki tareef karney key na hamari zuban laiq hai na qalam

    magar itna kahoonga zarooor key hum ney sach or haq ku bohot jagah talash kia or har taraf talash kia

    lekin haq or sach har jagah madooom or mafqood or nayab tha agar tha bhi to

    jaisey doodh mein pani milaya ho aisey tha

    lekin jub dot the defenders of truth mein aay to un laga

    jaisey masal mashoor hai

    key bughal mein baccha gawn tamma ghoomta

    key haq to apney bughal mein or apney bohot qareeb tha lekin pagalon jaisey kahin or dhoondney chaley gay they

    moula abubakr umar usman ali bhai ku apni shayane shan jaza dei ameen

    lekin in sey eik shikayat hai key apney sathion ku kabhi pooch bhi lia kijiey smile
    or darde dil kia bayan karooon??

    bus tina keh key yeh eik apna sher kahoonga



    WS WR WB


  • Mulim_Khalid

    AlhumdoLillah very useful forum, website, LIVE Discussion and much more for the sake of Allah (SWT) at for the people who got access to internet mainly.

    May Allah (SWT) accept the efforts of Muslims working for ISLAM. Ameen.

    JazakaALLAH Kher.
    WS WR WB
    Wassalamu ala man etttabal huda

  • Web Designing Karachi

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