Has The Greatest Martyr Been Born?


Upon hearing about the emergence of Ad-Dajjal, a true believer will head towards him. However, on the way he will be stopped by Dajjal’s soldiers and asked where he is intending to go.

The believer will reply “I am going to meet the person who claims that he is Allah (SWT).”

The soldiers doubting him will ask, ”Do you not believe in our Lord (Dajjal)?”

He will reply “There is nothing hidden about our Lord Allah (SWT) so how can I take Dajjal as my Lord?”

Angry at his reply they will decide to kill him.

But all of a sudden one of them will say, ”Hasn’t our Lord (Dajjal) prohibited us from killing anyone without his permission?”

Thus they will take him to the Dajjal.

On seeing the Dajjal he will shout, “O people this is the Dajjal the Prophet mentioned and warned the believers of”.

Dajjal will order to kill him.

He will be placed on his belly and severely beaten.

He will be asked, “Do you still not believe in him?”

“No! You are the lying Dajjal” he will reply.

The true believer will then be sawn into two pieces, the Dajjal will walk in between the two pieces and address him, “Stand up.”

The true believer will become alive and stand up in one piece.

Yet again he will be asked, “Do you now believe in me?”

He will reply, “It has only added to my insight concerning you that you are really the Dajjal.” The believer will then proclaim, “O people he will not be able to do anything to any man after me.”

The Dajjal angry at his refusal will grab hold of him and place a knife between his neck and throat to slaughter him but he will be unsuccessful as Allah (SWT) will place copper in that area and the knife will find no way to penetrate.

The Dajjal will grab hold of his hands and legs and throw him into the fire. However, the fire will turn into a pleasant garden for him.

This person will be the Greatest Martyr in the eyes of Allah (SWT) and achieve the highest position due to his first death, which was caused by severance of the body in two pieces.

[Abu Saeed al-Khudri /Muslim]

Has the young man who is to be killed by the Dajjal been born?



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  • Naielazaman

    salaam i think the man from the video is a liar that the baby spoke as new born, hazrat isa as was given the authority by Allah (SWT) SWT to speak and to not give the identity of the people is just insane why hide the fact that imam mahdi is born if he is born than no one on this earth will be able to stop him he is here on a mission nd inshallah will complete it regardless of his whereabouts stop making fools out of people islam has never hid or concealed anything ffrom this world hope Allah (SWT) SWT guides us and forgives liars