Israeli Apartheid Week



A leopard cannot change its spots, nor can a Cookoo stop highjacking someone elses property for its own personal gain; it’s part of their nature, it’s who they are.  So you see, the Israeli apartheid government are only doing what come naturally to them. Like rats scurrying in the dark passing on their filth wherever it moves, the tenticles of the moster that is Israel reach far, and everyone knows it – but governments can do little to stop it.  Not even America – who would have thought, America being humiliated by the timing of Israel’s new settlement plan where they approved the building of 1,600 homes in OCCUPIED East Jerusalem.  The US government were outraged and Israel carried on regardless…is this the first real sign in the shift of power?

Has the baby that Britain acted as the midwife to gown up to become too strong for Uncle Sam?  It seems so, but what can the US really do?  The government has got “Zionist Cancer” and it has been affecting all areas of the body of government for decades – and now it seems they cannot fight back..Israeli Zionist tenticles within the US have now made the US too weak.

When other Israeli tenticles were seen rediculously dressed as tennis players in Dubai recently the whole world caught a glimps of the Israeli secret service au naturel.  However, this murdering mob of of goons did not actually care if they were caught or not, such is the power and influence of the Israeli state and its vast army of lobbyists – they can get away with murder, leterally, and they knew it!

There can be no doubt that Israel is a rogue state, a pariah state, an apartheid state that is well on its way in becoming the worlds most powerful country through its lies, deceit, mass murder and lobbying

Their crimes are many and obvious but Israel has control over many governments, YOUR government and so the only people who can speak a word of truth about them and to them is you and I.

Israel may have banned the Palestinians form remembering the Nakba…. but, on their behalf we can remember and we can speak out!

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Israeli Apartheid Week

“The aim of IAW is to educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system and to build Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns as part of a growing global BDS movement”

Highlights from the opening day of the sixth annual Israeli Apartheid Week in Toronto

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