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Israeli Military Uses Drones to Kill Civillians Deliberately


I was sent a message on YouTube with a request from a subscriber to distribute a video detailing Israeli War Crimes and in particular the Israeli military’s use of armed Drones on the civilian population of Gaza.  Never one to give up on the chance to give Israel a bloody nose by telling the world of their continuous crimes, I agreed.

I was shocked at this amazing video, not because it shows something that I didn’t know, but because it reinforced and confirmed what I already knew and witnessed, that is, that the Israeli Military are callous, heartless, murdering racists who deliberately target and execute Palestinian women and children using (in this case) armed drones.

The video also focuses on children being taken as human shields by cowardly Israeli soldiers to prevent attack


Allah (SWT) says:

They will not fight against you in a body save in fortified towns or from behind walls; their fighting between them is severe, you may think them as one body, and their hearts are disunited; that is because they are a people who have no sense.

These cowards actually use children as their “walls” and much distance. The controllers of these drones are probably sat somewhere completetly remote, totally out of harms way,  like those brave American soldiers we often here about, who include the ones who are sitting at a computer outside Las Vegas guiding drones to kill Muslims in Afghanistan.  So brave!

Mufti Taqi Uthmani Lecture in English: Tasawwuf


A great lecture by Mufti Taqi Uthmani about Tasawwuf and how to achieve the objective of purification

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Short Animation of Gaza: Very Powerful


I love this.  It is a very powerful animation about The Gaza Strip and how the people are trapped by Israel on all sides.  The amazing thing about animation is that it can explain complex issues easily.

Interestingly, the animator is an Israeli Jew!  He is part of an organisation that supports the Palestinians and he has his own website if you want to take a peek at his work

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Has The Greatest Martyr Been Born?


Upon hearing about the emergence of Ad-Dajjal, a true believer will head towards him. However, on the way he will be stopped by Dajjal’s soldiers and asked where he is intending to go.

The believer will reply “I am going to meet the person who claims that he is Allah (SWT).”

The soldiers doubting him will ask, ”Do you not believe in our Lord (Dajjal)?”

He will reply “There is nothing hidden about our Lord Allah (SWT) so how can I take Dajjal as my Lord?”

Angry at his reply they will decide to kill him.

But all of a sudden one of them will say, ”Hasn’t our Lord (Dajjal) prohibited us from killing anyone without his permission?”

Thus they will take him to the Dajjal.

On seeing the Dajjal he will shout, “O people this is the Dajjal the Prophet mentioned and warned the believers of”.

Dajjal will order to kill him.

He will be placed on his belly and severely beaten.

He will be asked, “Do you still not believe in him?”

“No! You are the lying Dajjal” he will reply.

The true believer will then be sawn into two pieces, the Dajjal will walk in between the two pieces and address him, “Stand up.”

The true believer will become alive and stand up in one piece.

Yet again he will be asked, “Do you now believe in me?”

He will reply, “It has only added to my insight concerning you that you are really the Dajjal.” The believer will then proclaim, “O people he will not be able to do anything to any man after me.”

The Dajjal angry at his refusal will grab hold of him and place a knife between his neck and throat to slaughter him but he will be unsuccessful as Allah (SWT) will place copper in that area and the knife will find no way to penetrate.

The Dajjal will grab hold of his hands and legs and throw him into the fire. However, the fire will turn into a pleasant garden for him.

This person will be the Greatest Martyr in the eyes of Allah (SWT) and achieve the highest position due to his first death, which was caused by severance of the body in two pieces.

[Abu Saeed al-Khudri /Muslim]

Has the young man who is to be killed by the Dajjal been born?



Sad Case of the Webster Family: Save our Children


Webster010707_468x532.jpgI was listening to Radio 5 live this morning and I heard a heartbreaking story concerning a young family from Norfolk.  They were wrongly accused of child abuse, forced to give up their three children in a hostile adoption.  Their story is so tragic; the truth is that their youngest child suffers from a rare case of scurvy that weakens the bones.  This condition was wrongly diagnosed by a so called expert from America who stated that the bruises and broken bones came from the abuse of the child.

The Websters have not seen their children for three years and even though a High Court Judge said the case was “disastrous” he could do nothing because “that was the law.”  The young children were adopted by a family and now they cannot be removed.

I feel so sorry for this family and very angry at this blatant miscarriage of justice, friends of the Websters have set up a website and a petition to keep it in the public eye and to maybe force a change in the law.

There seems to be a very strong moral case for the adopted family, who hear this heartbreaking story, to give the children back to their parents.

Sign the petition here

Save our Children Campaign website

Read The Daily Mail Article here

Mark and Nicky Webster on BBC News 24

Shaykh Habib Umar: Mawlid – Dar al Mustafa


As requested by brother maghi85, another video with Shaykh Habib Umar with English translation. It was at the Mawlid in Dar al Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen


Shaykh Habib Umar: What Distinguishes Us?


A small section of a talk delivered by Shaykh Habib Umar with English translation


Report on the Biased Reporting in American Media About Palestine


This is a very interesting video about the media and how information about the Middle East and in particular, Palestine, is filtered before it reaches us through various business, editorial and political interests.  What we get in the end is just a watered down version of real events. We may already know that this happens, however I have never seen it explained in this way before.

The video also shows the blatantly bias reporting of major news agencies but surprisingly mentions the BBC in favourable terms when it reported on the deaths of five Palestinian children as compared to an American news report of the same event.

Very interesting.

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Israeli Military in Banned Footage


I don’t need to comment on the following video much as  the Zionist Jews are displaying their nature for all to see.

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Allah (SWT) speaks to the Jews in the Qur’an and says:

[And We said in the Taurât (Torah)]:  “It may be that your Lord may (yet) show Mercy unto you; but if you revert (to your sins), We shall revert (to Our punishments): And we have made Hell a prison for the unbelievers. Al Isra 8


Noam Chomsky, Obama, Isreal and Gaza


President Obama lays out his position on Gaza and guess what?  It’s the same as Bush’s position – no change there then. Obama speaks only about (alleged) Hamas crimes and says that for there to be an enduring peace Hamas needs to do this and Hamas needs to do that.  Not one word about any of the crimes Israel is guilty of and not one word directed at Israel’s role in establishing “peace”

Noam Chomsky says in this very good interview that Israel does have the right to defend itself, and it can do this by stopping their crimes in Gaza and the West Bank.

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It is true that Hamas is painted as a terrorist organisation throughout the media to get people to hate them, and it is working, there are even deluded Muslims that proudly state they don’t support Hamas and never will. The media is also portraying that the people of Gaza do not like Hamas and are even scared of Hamas to further isolate their support.  The official Israeli lair, Mark Ragev, has even said that Hamas are executing its own people and are the ones who used phosphorous on the Palestinians.

The reality on the ground is that Hamas’s popularity is astonishing among the people of Gaza and they should know and take comfort from the knowledge that in the Ummah of our beloved Muhammad, the majority are right behind them.

We are slowly beginning to see Obama’s true colours and allegiances coming out now and we should not be surprised by them.  The only people who will be surprised will be those Muslims who fell for the propaganda and were sucked into believing Obama will help the Muslims.